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Our Story

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The Concept.

Sticks N Stones Design is a designer-craft firm that was founded based on the philosophy of bespoke carpentry. We strive to ditch the conventional methods of furniture designing and crafting, to bring you a whole new experience in the world of craftsmanship.

The Arsenal.

Often times, carpenters are limited to a selection of materials that are available to them, but over at Sticks N Stones Design, we work with regional material suppliers that import materials from all over the world. Some of the unconventional materials that we work with include reclaimed timber, American hardwood and rare veneer species. 

In addition, with machines such as the computer numeric control (CNC) machine, laser machine, sand blasting machine and wire brushing machine at our disposal, we are able to create products that many others are not able to.

The People.
(past and present)


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A naturally gifted designed-trained craftsman, Jensen, who also goes by the name "NEO", is the head craftsman of the firm. Armed with experience, technical abilities and an adventurous mind, Neo is never one that turns down a seemingly impossible project. 

Also an avid toys and figurine collector, his passion for "making" and "building" things began from his childhood times.

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As the head of business development and project management at Sticks N Stones Design, Asher is always on the look out for new technologies, materials and business opportunities. Coming from a background of construction materials wholesale, he is able to offer our clients the best materials to be used in each project.

Also a street-wear "hype-beast", he's the one to go to for whats trendy and fashionable.



After graduating from Raffles Design Institute, Vernice Bong took on the role of principal designer at Sticks N Stones Design LLP.  Her role encompasses ensuring the successful execution of each project and maintaining high standards of creativity and professionalism.

Vernice's passion for design extends to her avid interest in graphic design. She possesses a remarkable ability to conceptualize and create visually striking designs that effectively convey messages. Her keen understanding of design principles, coupled with her meticulous attention to detail, allows her to deliver exceptional results.

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Head of logistics, head of admin work, head of operations, are just some of the nicknames we give Bobby. He is in-charge of all matters that make the firm tick. Bobby's experience in the "maker" industry makes him a technical powerhouse in our team.

Also a part time artist, Bobby ensures that every detail that goes into each of our designs and crafts are incorporated immaculately.

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Suave, reliable and tenacious, Kenny never fails to get his work completed with a big smile on his face. Gifted with 3D drafting and product designing skills, we're glad to have Kenny as our head in house drafter who always strive to deliver perfection. 

Also a DIY crafting hobbyist, Kenny never turns down any opportunity to get his hands "dirty" and assist in our carpentry production.

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A man of few words, Yihao's cool, calm and collected personality brings great confidence in the team. As part of our business development and product idea generation team, he often provides insightful ideas that others fail to conjure, contributing greatly with his concise and effective ideas.

Also an IT powerhouse, Yihao ensures that all our daily operations are not hindered by any IT hiccups or attempts of any "Skynet" uprising.



An award winning product designer who excelled in design school, Royson currently heads our product design team. His leadership qualities instill high levels of confidence in the team members who work with him.

Also an outstanding hands-on carpenter, Royson ensures that each product is designed immaculately that balances functionality and aesthetics, while making certain that the production process is kept simple and cost effective.

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Daryl is a creative individual who is full of determination and drive. His "never-quit" attitude provides the team with much needed boosts whenever we are met with any obstacle.

Our youngest team member yet. Despite lacking in experience compared to the other team members, he is quick to learn and never fails to make the team laugh with his witty and quirky remarks.



Our in-house 3D drafter who specializes in interior design and space planning, Lilian always surprises us and our clients with her interesting ideas and concepts. With years of experience in spatial planning and interior fit-outs, she often provides our clients with functional yet aesthetically pleasing designs.


Being a quick-witted individual also allows Lilian to conjure ideas at high levels of efficiency and effectiveness.


Royson T

Our partner-in-crime for all things CNC and Laser, Rob always has a keen eye for the specifics. Coming from a background of carpentry and machinery education, Rob is the equipment wizard of the team. While not all projects require complicated machinery, Rob's role as a deputy head craftsman is equally vital to the entire team.

Also a "smooth-talker", he's the joker of the team, keeping everyone's spirits high when we spend long nights rushing to complete a project.

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